A showerhead water softener is designed to effectivly remove clorine and minerals such as calcium and magnesium from the water. Resulting in a more enjoyable shower experience, reducing the buildup of mineral deposits on your shower head, bathroom, skin and hair.

Filter Your Shower Water

  • Multi-Layer Filtration

    • No Loss in Water Pressure
    • Prevent Hair Damage
    • Remove Chlorine
    • Prevent Dry Skin
    • Remove Heavy Metals
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Hard water is mostly chlorine and magnesium. This stuff makes your hair feel horribe and not look its best. This filter is your easy remedy.

  • Testimonial

    " This shower filter saved scalp and skin. Both are no longer itchy and dry feeling"

  • Testimonial

    "My hair finally feels like I washed all the shampoo out of it."

  • Testimonial

    "I didn't know what the problem was after moving to a new state. I am glad I found this product. My entire body is thankful I added this filter to my shower."

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